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Francie Allen

Francie Allen grew up in Gilford, a picturesque New Hampshire village that – after WWII – drew educated, visionary people to live their ideals. Their pioneering spirit and vibrant sense of community deeply shaped her values. Civil rights activities – including marching with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr– prefigured her life long commitment to healing the planet and its peoples.


Allen moved to Seattle in the early 70’s. A graduate sculpture student at UW School of Art, she unexpectedly found her greatest inspiration working with Dance Department head, Joan Skinner.


Francie is a versatile educator – from college teaching to designing school programs in visual thinking to environmental education. She ran a production studio for concrete garden sculptures of her own designs and molds, with thousands of pedestals and sculpted bowls located throughout the Northwest.


In CA (2003-2009), as artist-in-residence for the city of Palo Alto, she began her current work in wire. In 2009 she married and relocated to Bellingham, WA.

Most of the period since 2009, Francie spent sculpting wire figures and caring for her husband, who had Alzheimer's Disease. He died in 2019. After a period of intense mourning, she dove into her creative work with a fresh, energetic perspective. She continues to sculpt and additionally is deep into writing a memoir.

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