Hello my friends!

I am so grateful to have enough time now to update you in this Progress Report! Kenyth’s daily situation is stabilized with caregivers he loves, so that I can get back to the studio and resume my artistic life. Below are images (by photographer Michelle Bates) of my two latest, large sculpture/drawings.


The “Shadow Dance!” project was extremely satisfying to accomplish. Earlier in December I had visited my son and daughter-in-law in Los Angeles. My son Nick Tipp is a recording engineer and music producer and has just completed a sophisticated sound studio in his home. While I was there Nick and his wife Kate had a house/studio warming party; and I so enjoyed meeting many of their friends, who are part of the LA music scene. Many had attended Cal Arts and I hadn’t been in the same room with so many art school grads since I was at RISD myself! I particularly enjoyed hearing about a recent art/music residency by Chris Kallmyer at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. He did an architectural installation for museum visitors, who donned robes and became part of a choir in the installation. Not only was it inspiring to hear about, but also it made me inspired about my own projects. Although they are not held at the MOMA, but rather executed in little Bellingham; nevertheless, my ideas are exciting and visionary enough to be installed at the MOMA. What a good feeling! Below a few shots of me working on the drawing in the Mindport front window over the winter solstice.


Last week I finished the work involved in applying for the 2017 WA Artist Trust Fellowship. I completed two life size sculptures and the two enormous drawings, previously mentioned, of shadows cast by shining light through wire dance figures. The sculptures are part of a new body of work, using hexagonal wire netting and wire screening that is crumpled and fit onto the contours just under the netting. Below are 3 images (again by Michelle Bates) of the latest figure – life size – called “The Way It Feels”.



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