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A twelve year visual journal of an artist facing love and loss

These installations come from my solo exhibition at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art, on display September through December 2021. Included are stills, videos and the Artist Statement for each of the four projects.

On Being Alive!: Text


Artist Statement

This sculpture exhibition is a visual journal of the last twelve years, since I married my beloved soul mate in 2009, and moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Bellingham, WA. I was sixty-four and was experiencing an emotional radiance and flowering that occurs with decades of spiritual, psychological and somatic inner work.


I had met and fallen in love with Kenyth over three decades earlier, when – as a recent MFA graduate in sculpture from the University of Washington School of Art – I applied for a year-long teaching position as art instructor at Fairhaven, the experimental college within Western Washington University in Bellingham. At that time in 1976, Kenyth Freeman was the Dean of Fairhaven College. He interviewed me for the position and hired me. Nothing came of my intense crush, although Kenyth and I gravitated to each other all year with lively, compelling conversations; and at the end of the year, I returned to my life in Seattle and forgot about my amorous feelings toward him.


Fast forward thirty-three years: Kenyth and I had a surprise reconnection and this time we were ready for each other – we both finally “met our match.” We married almost immediately, and – as soon as I found the appropriate sculpture studio – I moved to Bellingham to begin a life with him. It was an intensely romantic and loving connection that soon became deeply tested.

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