Report on Lights & Shadows

Francie adjusting the lights in her installation
Francie adjusting the lights in her installation


In 2013 I received a grant from The Puffin Foundation for my installation “Lights & Shadows”, on view to the public in Bellingham during December 2013 and January 2014.

The opening night was a magical event for me. It was one of the coldest nights on record for early December. However, the turnout was large and visitors seemed to be entranced by the combination of lit wire figures and their cast shadows, the multicolored lights, a musical score, and dancers moving with the sculptures. Kuntz & Company dancers along with several community dancers whom I had invited – Sidney Anderson, Sarah Eden Wallace, Alice O’Donnell, Andy Wargo, and Keith Fredrikson – improvised within the space. They were playing with the sculptural shadows and inviting the audience to participate. Just as I had hoped, visitors were inspired to respond in joyful, playful ways.

Swimmers Swimmers Jake Fetterman's piece with Swimmers behind

The evening definitely changed the direction of my artwork: no longer wanting to only make solitary sculptures, I am much more interested in creating sculptural environments and events using space, sound, and movement.

Stay tuned for a video of the sculpture/movement event, and then later for my next project. What will it be? Right now, I have no idea.

Acrobat with Monkey King's shadow

Acrobat Philosopher with The Twins by Phoebe O'Brien on left Coiled Woman Coiled Woman Bodice Goddess Bodice Goddess Little Flyer

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2 Responses to Report on Lights & Shadows

  1. Barbara says:

    Francie, your work is exquisite and powerful! Congrats on the level of participation – I know everyone relished the opportunity to interact with the wonderful forms you created.

  2. jasmin liepa says:

    again stunning work…..the shadows/colors add another ethereal dimension…thanks!!! yasmin

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