January Thaw

Greetings friends and fellow art lovers!

After a tough fall/winter – a bad fall, torn rotator cuff and surgery – I am now on the mend and eager to resume sculpting. This will take another few months, however, plus lots of physical therapy.

My orthopedic surgeon made the comment that the current project I am working on is perfect for an artist who cannot work directly with her hands:

I have teamed up with six students from Western’s Art Department and six more from the Dance Department in order to put on “Organic/ Geometric, the Body/ Mind.” It is a sculptural installation of large, open geometric forms in various materials, designed for dance exploration! Each art student paired up with a dance student and chose a common geometric shape along with a color of the rainbow. They brainstormed in pairs and as a whole group about best ways of construction, materials and ways of doing dance movements in relation to the forms. The six pairs will also be creating six costumes for the dancers that will go with each geometric form, especially color-wise. Several of the artists have previously worked with Western’s art professor Seiko Purdue, whose expertise is fibers. Thus I am seeing some beautifully dyed materials for sculptures and costumes!

The six artists have been hard at work making big, dramatic forms! They are now finishing up and bringing them over to my studio, so that the dancers can get to work experimenting with movements that go with the sculptures.

On Monday, February 23rd the exhibition of these six sculptures will open in the Viking Union Gallery within WWU’s Student Union. Then the six dancers will begin to rehearse – in costume – during exhibition hours, to create their dance. Visitors to the gallery are welcome to observe their creative process: keep your eyes on the VU Gallery Facebook Page to find out when the rehearsals will take place.

Finally, there will be a Closing Reception on Thursday, March 12th from 6-8 pm. That is when we will get to see the dance event!


Tetrahedron Dance Sculpture, wood and handmade paper, by WWU Art Student Kate Sechrist.
Tetrahedron Dance Sculpture, wood and handmade paper, by WWU Art Student Kate Sechrist.
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2 Responses to January Thaw

  1. Yay Francie!

    Thank the Goddess! You are unstoppable!

    And how perfect…to be mentoring the next generation.

    I am in awe of the the wisdom that can be found in the folds and creases of our limitations, “loss” and pain…much love and a deep bow your way~
    your sister, Carol

  2. Chip says:

    I’m really sorry about your bad fall. When you hurt, I hurt. It’s great, however, that you are continuing with your beautiful creations.

    I wonder if one or more creations couldn’t center around “brokenness” or illness or something like that. Or getting through times of hurt and coming out stronger on the other side. Life is full of beauty of form in art, but life also has its hard side, and doing art on that might be illuminating.

    Always love you,


    p.s. The Peace Corps has one position overseas for a teacher of art. It appears that my younger son, Jonathan, an artist, may have landed that. It would involve teaching deaf children art in Ghana, where one of my sisters, Marj, was with the Peace Corps back in 1961.

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