December 2016 – SHADOW DANCE!

Greetings at Year End!
This has been a year and a half of intense learning to live with my husband/soulmate having Alzheimer’s Disease. Not easy. However, I am successfully navigating my way and very grateful to be back at work in the studio again after a year of absence: being the primary caregiver for someone with dementia requires an enormous ongoing effort in organizing the other person’s life as well as requiring great patience and resilience.
To celebrate returning to my artistic life, I am currently creating a sculpture/Drawing Installation/Performance!
What is that? It is a lifesize acrobat of wire netting diving through an open steel cube, hanging in the big storefront window of Mindport – Bellingham’s gallery of art and science. A spotlight shines through the figure and casts a shadow on a large piece of paper on the wall behind. That is the installation. The performance is that I am drawing the shadows on the paper: I draw a shadow, move the figure, and draw another shadow. In this way a cluster or group of shadow forms builds up on the paper and becomes a drawing. You can watch me draw on Thur/Fri/Sat afternoons over the next two weeks. Just walk along Holly between Commercial and Cornwall: 210 West Holly Street in Bellingham.
The image below is a small model of the larger version in Mindport’s front window. This project is more modest than what I had envisioned in my last post, summer of 2015, where I was planning to make 5 life size wire dance figures and 5 large drawings. Life happens, yet the Shadow Dancer dream is on its way!
Model for Shadow Dance!
Model for Shadow Dance!  by Francie Allen
Photo: Michelle Bates
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  1. Chip says:

    Francie, I’m happy for you that you are getting back to “work,” if that is what one calls art. I’d like to once again see some creations of human – female – forms which you have done so beautifully in the past.

    I’m sorry to learn about all the challenges of Alzheimers and dementia. Please keep yourself physically strong as you go forward as a caregiver. Take care of yourself in all ways.

    I think about you, and miss you, every day. Much love, Chip

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