Cherry Tree Dancers


October 13th, 2014 Bellingham, Washington

I am pleased to announce the successful completion of a delightful sculpture installation in a private garden on a bluff overlooking Bellingham Bay, north of town. Called “Cherry Tree Dancers”, it entails two larger-then-life-size figures made to fit within the canopies of two old cherry trees. They are sculpted from many layers of hexagonal wire netting and are covered in painted acrylic molding paste that creates a “skin” with lacy holes. The vivid oranges and reds of the two figures are stunning against the blue sky. I love the leggy tree-like limbs of the figures. Their poses reflect the branches of the trees – shaped and molded by winds from the southwest.

Plans are for a springtime sculpture welcoming party in May, when the garden is at its best. We hope to have a short dance ritual by two dancers who will “breathe life” into the Cherry Tree Dancers. Stay tuned!


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3 Responses to Cherry Tree Dancers

  1. Francie, dearheart~

    How absolutely magnificent ! What a bold paring of tree and wired human!

    sending love and bows for your creativity!


  2. Chip says:

    It’s Francie herself, in the trees in Gilford! (At least that’s what came to mind.) What playful joy – and remembrances of good times. Keep up the exciting, humorous work.


  3. jasmin liepa says:

    so lovely…they blend in so nicely….energetically and visually…..

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