Artist Statement

Francie Allen
Artist and Educator

The source of my creative journey is the joy of being physically embodied. A longtime dancer myself, I also sculpt figures of dancers – along with lovers and athletes – in wire netting and modeled paper pulp. My sculptures sometimes include found objects that tell a story: recycled utilitarian items, such as a chair or stool, suggest that the sculpted figure and the viewer both inhabit the same physical space.

Color is important in my work, as well as theatrical lighting to create expressive shadows.

I make both small intimate pieces and large figurative installations that incorporate shadows as part of the imagery. Often I choreograph live dancers to perform within the space.

Currently I am working on two projects: the first is a commissioned pair of larger-than-life dancers in wire netting, made to fit within the branches of a cherry tree in a private garden. The second project illustrates another aspect of my artistic work, that of contributing my creative energy to the particular place in which I reside. I will be collaborating with students from the Art and the Dance Departments of the local university, WWU, on a sculpture/dance installation/performance at the Viking Union Gallery on campus.

Bellingham has a reputation for outdoor sculpture. I aim to further enliven my city with indoor sculpture – with permanent installations in the airport and other transportation centers, in local theatres, and in art-minded businesses. I also intend to continue making temporary installation/performances around town and throughout the Pacific Northwest.


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