Lights & Shadows Videos

Bravo – the videos are finished!

You can now get a taste of the amazing Opening Night of my installation “Lights & Shadows” in Bellingham, WA, Dec/Jan 2013-14. Kuntz & Co dancers encouraged audience participation in doing shadow play all evening!

The first film was shot and edited by videographer Wilson Large. The second was shot from a camera phone by my friend Fanny Porter. The last frame shows my second videographer friend Sequoia Lundy, shooting from his phone a video of the installation, which is the third one shown. In this third video you will see my husband Kenyth Freeman in red (for those far away friends who have never met him) dancing within the sculptural environment.


To view the videos, click on “VIDEOS” tab above.

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2 Responses to Lights & Shadows Videos

  1. Chip Muehlke says:

    Beautiful creations!

  2. Chip Muehlke says:

    The best thing about these showings, communications, and email is, for me, anyway, the picture of you, Francie with a big smile, very happy with the results of your work. Your happiness, joy, is all I could ever want.

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